Monday, December 29, 2008

Slush and New Wellies

The front is melting sloooooowwwwlllyyyy but it is melting.

The Mini Cooper is still stuck in the slushy mess that was my front yard. So is Linda's car.

But JoAnn and her husband Don came by and took me shopping. I managed to get out to Fred Meyer and buy some new Wellies!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

So Not Dreaming of a White Christmas

As it appears to have manifested in reality.

I had shoveled most of the snow off the front deck last night but to no avail.

My brother gallantly offered to drive over in his 4 wheel megavan and take me to his house for the holiday, but I think it's snowing a little too hard right now - maybe later. In the meantime, I am happy, safe and warm. I've had a lovely breakfast of mushrooms, eggs, saugages, lingonberry jam and tangerines and left-over rum-glazed sweet potatoes (from last night's dinner). I've finished all the little gifties I was making for friends and family.

Jynx wanted to go out but thought better of it when she realized the snow on the deck was higher than she is tall...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Stuck in Snow-Homish

Ahhh! I have been so busy making stuff that I haven't had time to attend to this blog! Bad me! Bad me!
I've been snowed in for the past...5 days? 6 days? and anticipate being stuck here until after Christmas. But the good news is I LOVE SNOW! I do! It isn't the cold that bothers me in winter it's the darkness. An evening with snow on the ground is actually light.
Did I ever menton that I love my knitting machine? In the past two days I've made 10 pairs of wristlets for Christmas gifties; they're no where near to being as elegant and delicate as the ones Karin made for me last year, but they will suffice. I had fun using up all the doo-dads of yarns I found at Goodwill this past year. I kept finding single balls of pima cotton/bamboo blends, or pure merino or pure pima cotton or mohair - they probably were the leftovers from sweaters or shawls. Here are some of the not-quite-finished pairs of wrist warmers. Still have to sew the sides together on some of them.

We're catsitting Lily who helped in making the wristwarmers. At least she's pretty sure she helped.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008