Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Apologies

I have been away from this blog far too long. But at least I have been busy elsewhere; so many little projects begun and in varied stages of completion, including a cape

made of the most silky soft houndstooth with a silk charmeuse lining. I think I found the houndstooth suiting at Pacific Fabric last summer; the silk charmeuse was (let's all chime in together) A Find at Goodwill.

Last month or so I joined a Mini Cooper club and went on my first rally.

I was to go on another Mini event this weekend, which was held at Maryhill's Stonehenge on the Columbia Gorge, but last week I broke a toe and it is really painful trying to shift gears for more than a short trip at a time. So I missed out on the photo op here:

Sigh. I did finish my next pair of socks, a lovely soft bamboo wool blend in purple stripes They're a bit big, but my poor abused toe is quite happy and warm. I also dyed a couple of skeins of wool with Kool Aid and am waiting to knit it up and then felt it into some elf slippers...