Saturday, March 05, 2011

A New Term at School

Man! This term is sooo kicking my ass! I have so much writing to do, a ten page paper here, a twenty page paper there, that I've been wondering lately what I've gotten myself into. On Monday I have a paper due on Arab interpretations of Hamlet since 1975.....ehdhashasdhadlkwrtn (incoherent mumbling has ensued).
And...I have to write 50 blog posts for one class...arrrgghghghghghghhh! Here's a link to the blog where I post those entries...Grant Group. You can tell which ones are mine - my name is in the taglines...Can I just go home now???
Luckily, some of the posts can be vlogs (video blogs); so far I have posted a couple of them on the Grant Group blog. Here's a silly one called Two Aspects of Abandonment; we each had to create a video with the theme of Abandonment. Most of the other students got all angsty with their videos, but I thought the whole thing was a total joke. In it I talk about a 61 VW bug. I never owned one; I did, however, drive my brother's 67 VW around until I crashed it into a telephone pole and got a ticket from an uptight cop for parking in a moving zone!
Here's some test footage for a project I am working on with a fellow student - this shows my new haircut. Admittedly, this little video snippet is a bit unsettling and...well, in the words of my fellow student, a tad bit creepy...

I was busy over the Christmas holiday knitting mitts for the long hard cold winter that overtook the Northeastern part of the US. Lucky me, I still love snow, I find it quaint, charming, picturesque, etc. etc., but as of yesterday I am officially SICK OF WINTER.

I actually knit four pairs of these cuties but only have one pair left because the rest were given away to fellow students. They were very simple to knit up, which is always a big plus in my book. Lookie! There's a tea towel with darling little hedgehogs behind my hand! Woooeee! I love hedgehogs!