Friday, May 29, 2009

Autographed by Author

I've been going into every bookstore I pass and rummaging around in the craft section until I find a copy of my book. I then take the book(s) to Customer Service and ask them if I can autograph my own book, do they have a pen I can use and can they slap an "autographed by author" sticker on the book's front. Usually the customer service rep is thrilled to do so.

I was perusing the Onion and came upon the following stat:

Hmmm...this has given me some ideas for dedications...hmmm...I think I'd change the last one to: For the itteh bitteh kitteh committee...

Friday, May 22, 2009

I See a Pattern Here...

A few years ago everyone was gaga for the Retro Butterick '52 pattern B4790. At a rummage sale recently I found the updated 60's/70's version of that wraparound dress.

But then I'm easily smitten by anything simple and unusual, like this mother/daughter combo of a wraparound...

They kind of remind me of something Isabel Toledo would have designed. Speaking of the unusual, I came across a charming pair of Russian ladies patterns from the 50's...

There were no fitting suggestions or fabric requirements on the back of the pattern envelope or even a separate printed sheet of instructions - what information there was was on the pattern tissue. Our Russian sisters simply had to make do.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Criss-Cross Blouse

Months ago I read Ann Smith's review of a delightful blouse on Pattern Review and knew I had to make that blouse! Tracking down the Japanese pattern book it came from was a bit of a task, but one happy day it arrived in the post and I was set! I transferred the pattern to butcher paper and took the whole shebang over to Kinko's and had them enlarge it 135%. C'est tout. I did nothing else to the pattern because I figured I would just make a muslin of sorts and see how well it fit as is with no alterations. The fabric I chose was a rich red poly chiffon with a directional black sheen. I bound the edges with bias strips of the poly chiffon and placed a few tiny buttonholes down the front placket.

The way the fabric drapes in a criss-cross on the back was exquisite, but the front still looked frumpy. Nevertheless I wore it to high tea at the Empress Hotel with my dear friend JoAnn in Victoria last November, having nothing better to put on. Oh, poor, poor me.

Hmmm, must redraft the front....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

PR Weekend in Portland

I am still recovering. Met and got reacquainted with so many talented wonderful ladies that I am still twirly-minded. Deepika and I had the great good luck to have lunch with Pati Palmer of Palmer/Pletsch fame on Friday and she was most gracious and kind. She gave a most instructive lecture on blouse fitting problems, tailored jackets and fitting pants (trousers to youse cats in Europa). I kept mumbling "Aha! That's the exact point I should have done what she's showing instead of what I actually did!" Pati has revived my fitting courage and I am going to attempt a jacket before too long. I wanted to sign up for some of her classes this summer but it appears they are already sold out and I won't be able to attend her November classes because I'll be in Paris with the European PR Weekend crowd.
Anyway, here's one photo Diane E took of Roseana and yours truly.