Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Yay! Fit for Real People arrived today!

I used to have this book. In fact, I had two copies. I think I may have given one away but the other one is on extended vacation somewhere. So perhaps now that I've bought yet another copy, the one on vacation will come back home. I am sewing some basic t shirts this's one in progress.
It's Pamela's Patterns #104. It'll have 3/4 sleeves.The black paisley material is some cheapo jersey I found for $1.95 per yard at either Hancocks or JoAnn's. The neckband is black stretch velvet binding which I think is cut a little too short; Pamela suggests 20 1/2 inches for the length of the jewel neckband - I think it could easily be an inch longer if stretch velvet binding is used. I might just rip it out and start again. I did not bother to do an FBA on this pattern since I didn't have the Fit for Real People book last night when I cut the t shirt out. But that's okay - it's a sort of wearable muslin to see how bad the chest area looks without an FBA.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Suzanis and Molas - Textile Heaven to Me

I have recently acquired a charming little mola of a toothy cat - everytime I look at him I have to laugh, he's so silly with that curly tail! Molas are bits and pieces of Panamanian and Guatemalan applique'd embroidery; they're very colorful and usually have many many tiny stitches sewing the layers together. The subjects of modern molas can be just about anything the artists have been thinking of - two pears, abstract birds, lightning bolts, a comment on Mickey Mouse, etc. This little guy measures 9 inches by 10 inches.
I also have a passion for Uzbek suzanis - suzanis are large silk embroideries usually done in panels that are then sewn back together. This one is from Bukara, a city which has long fascinated me, and measures 85 inches by 60 inches. Many suzani are red flowers of different types sewn on a background of cream or white. Pomegranates figure prominently as do rosettes, carnations and various other flowers from that part of the world.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Isabel Toledo Pattern

I found a lovely Isabel Toledo pattern the other day; it's not even close to my size but I'm a big fan of hers so I thought, why not?

Saturday, May 19, 2007


I know I've ignored the blog for a week or two. I've been busy attending memorials for the relatives of friends of mine. Four friends have lost members of their families within the last month: Jen lost her mom, JoAnn lost her dad, Linda L lost her mother-in-law and Linda S lost her beloved grandmother Rose.
Today we had a memorial party for Rose at the house - it was a pleasure to honor this lovely, fiery-eyed woman by celebrating her life with her child Doddie, grandchildren Lisa, Laurie, Lois and Linda, great grandchildren Jennifer, Eli, Sabrina, Matt and Luke, and great great grandchild little Rosie!
Today was a sunny, sparkly day. The breeze kept us cool in the sunshine, and the leaves on all the trees (even the bamboo) fluttered and flickered in the bright light. The kids ran themselves crazy all over the property playing hide and seek, exploring the wilds, and laughing with eachother. The grownups congregated on the front deck and enjoyed the time spent together.
God bless you, Rose! In my mind's eye I see you smiling.

The Ins and Outs of Freaky Obsessions

Lately I have become obsessed with cameos and intaglios and have acquired a few from a guy in Germany. This one is "Diana" the next in lapis is "DAEMON with lion-body holding a palm-branch and a amphora" (well, that's how he described it on the eBay listing) and the cameo is soon to be a centerpiece for a macrame neckpiece done in black cording and black swarovski crystals.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Line, the Witch, but no Wardrobe

I've been kept busy creating more bracelets for a project - it's kind of a secret right now, but I am waiting to hear some good news from my agent concerning it - so I have been unable to focus on sewing the new wardrobe I so desperately need. I did manage to order some chocolate colored bamboo jersey for one t-shirt from Wazoodle and I got some absolutely gorgeous buttermilk from Emma One Sock, but my energies have been directed elsewhere for the time being.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ministry of Magic, Department of Tourism

Vibeke and I found Platform 9 and 3/4 at Kings Cross Station last summer. Alas, it wasn't September yet, so we couldn't pass through the brick wall to get onboard the Hogwarts we went to York instead and found Mad Alice Lane. If you think she was mad before, she's actually quite peeved now...
I half expected all the little carved faces in the York Minster to call out to me in their scratchy stone voices1, but they remained silent. The poor fellow with the crow on his head was having a particularly difficult day.

1 Read Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell by Susanna Clarke for explicit details.

Pigs in Space!

A few years ago I attended the Annual Avalon High School Prom. The theme that year was something to do with science fiction, or perhaps space or ummmm, I don't really remember...Anyway, I went as Lwaxanna Troi, sort of....
Here's my friend Jay as Link Hogthrob from Pigs in Space!
Hey! Today is May Day! Happy happy! Joy joy!