Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Geisha Cover for my Sony Vaio

I have been quite the busy bee lately, after a long funk on non-creativity. When I arrived home from work this afternoon I realized I couldn't keep stashing my tiny Sony Vaio in my pocketbook - sooner or later bits and pieces would break off of it and get lost in my purse. So I made a case cover for it out of a piece of Geisha print canvas I found at Pacific Fabrics a few months ago.
The lining is a piece of garnet-colored velveteen I haphazardly "embroidered" with double needle stitching - well I did have to learn how to do double stitching some time in my life...

I've also been busy stenciling cards with a nifty tree stencil and a sort of embossing pastey stuff. It took me more tries that I care to remember to get the layering of the paste on the stencil right, then I sprinkled glitter on top of the paste and let the whole thing set for an hour.

This summer I planted only two tomato plants since with foot surgery I wouldn't be able to do much digging in the garden (and getting my foot dirty). here are some of their offspring, accompanied by a cool pair of woodpecker scissors I found at Target.