Monday, October 22, 2012

Blooms and Balloons

The weather here in Snohomish has been extra-dreary as of late, probably Nature's way of making up for the glorious Indian summer we had earlier this month. On Sundays in August and September and this year, October, the hot air balloonists over by Harvey airfield usually send their balloons up during happy hour. They surprised us one Sunday morning by floating a hot air balloon over the neighborhood.

But right after that, the weather turned sour... sour I tell you. So I have been obliged to get out some reference books and try my hand at making ribbon flowers just to add a little color back into my life. This one came from A Passion for Ribbonry, by Camela Nitschke.

Of course, her sample was made with a beautiful green to fuchsia gros grain ribbon. Mine is a fantasy-from-an-alternate-universe colored.


Tini said...

Dang. Blogger ate my comment.....

Heiko took a ride on a ballon this year and it was awesome (according to him!)

The flower is really cute, so who cares if there's one like it in nature

Milasha said...

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