Monday, September 17, 2012

Dizzy Bizzy Because I'm Made of Crazy, That's Why

Oh God Almighty, I've been bizzy bizzy bizzy these past few weeks working on a possible book project. I've pretty much finished the book proposal and am now playing catch up getting pictures shot of some of the projects for the book.

I've been creating prototypes of shoes, hats, purses, faery wings and my brain is swimming with details of such. I find myself doodling ideas on envelopes, receipts, paper bags and napkins, anything papery, actually, as I muddle through this process.

The Antiques Roadshow videotaped their Seattle show here in August. I went with my friend Katharine who is a hella-great Calligrapher. Participants were allowed two objects each: Here's one of mine, an Art Nouveau amphora vase brought over from Odense, Denmark by my grandmother when she moved to America in 1919.

Yes, that's me, the pudgy one...
The appraiser loved it and said she thought it might be Austrian, possibly from the Tepplitz-Turn area of Bohemia. I thought the bloom on the front of my vase might possibly be a poppy seeing how it might have been manufactured during the Great War. She suggested I research it further. I did so and now think it isn't Austrian, but Swedish, made by the Rorstrand company. There's a book out by Bengt Nystrom and the book's cover has a vase with a similarly-shaped opening.

On an unrelated note, we held a yard sale this weekend to get rid of clutter, make a few bucks and meet lots of neighbors and local folks. Luckily, a lady who runs a second-hand store that gives all its proceeds to feed homeless children stopped by and offered to take whatever we didn't sell for her shop. She was a Godsend because I was dreading the idea of having to load up both Mini Coopers with stuff to take over to the Goodwill in Monroe after our sale. She showed up at around 5 p.m. with a big truck and hauled it all off! Whew! A total win-win situation because that stuff was NOT coming back inside the house. Nope. Never. Finito.