Monday, March 03, 2008

On Rewrites, Rhiannon and the Sewing Expo

Last week the rewrites on the micro-macrame book were finished - finally! Luckily there wasn't that much to rewrite or reshoot. I have been in a state of exhaustion for the last few days because once I was done with that project I was off to the Sewing Expo at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. I went on Friday and Saturday - my brain cells are still suffering from sensory overload - so many beautiful combinations of colors and fabrics. I fell in love with a new pattern from Park Bench Pattern Company called China Town. The way the front comes together in a fold where you would expect the opening of this asymmetrical tunic to be is delightful and once I took a good look at the Chesapeake Bay pattern, I was smitten. I love the way the back hangs together. Last night I had to cut it out with my new Kai scissors.

While I was gallivanting all over Puyallup

Rhiannon received a package from my friend Karin in Sweden the other day. Rosie opened it carefully and placed it on her sleeping sister.
I am still waiting to take some pictures of Rosie wearing the beautiful hoodie that Tini made for her. When she saw the hoodie, she immediately packed it away with her bestest clothes - she and her baby sister and mom were moving into their own apartment the next day and she didn't want it to get lost. Tini also made the cutest hat for Rhiannon - I must get over to Jennifer's new place and get photos taken. And - ha! a magnificent pair of socks for moi! Whoo hoo! My dogs are happy again (despite the lingering pain of surgery)!

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