Saturday, March 08, 2008

Oh Spare Me, Puleeze

While I was finishing up my manuscript for the Micro-Macrame book, I was desperate to come up with an apt blurb for one of my Goth-inspired bracelets. All I could think of at the time was:

"Crisscrossing and meandering in and out of itself, this final bracelet brings forth the unsettling inner weavings of covert gothic passion. Its moody blackened burgundy coloring evokes the disconsolate, swirling dance of those unfortunates forever trapped in the dark dominion of the lands of Faery..."

Really. Huh. My, that's dark. If I put that in the book, noone would want to make that bracelet - they'd be afraid of getting stuck in the dark dominion of the lands of Faery... enough already! I changed tack completely and came up with something much lighter, which for legal reasons, I cannot divulge...

I made up a version of Park Bench pattern company's Chesapeake Bay jacket out of a long piece of flower-laden drapey rayon I found at Goodwill. Of course, since I didn't measure the pattern pieces and make any alterations, it is a tad bit too small for me. But at least I got to see what it will sort of look like once I do the necessary alterations and make it out of some loose woven wool-like grey with teal slubs fabric I bought in Kiel last October.

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