Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Equinox!

Spring has sprung in Western Washington! Being an Easter Baby, I love the spring! Although the weather is cloudy and brisk, there are trees blossoming right outside my office in the most delicate pinks.

I am still super exhausted from my trip to LA for the Pattern Review LA Weekend. The fashion district in downtown LA is unlike any thing I've ever seen before - streets and streets of fabric, all types and all for rock bottom prices. It beats New York to Hell in terms of price and quantity. I bought 16.5 yards of fabric, many jerseys at $1.00 a yard and spent a total of $54.00 on fabric. More details here. But my proudest acquisition is my Candy Wrapper hand bag:

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Kelly said...

Hi Annika,
I'm just looking around the web for pictures of micro-macrame to explain it to some of the folks I want to come to that workshop I'm planning to have you teach down here one day and I found your blog.

I went to the Flikr site and looked at the pictures of the PR L.A. weekend and I had to write to thank you for not posting the photo of me in that off-the-shoulder dress to the PatternReview site. Yikes! Are those really my legs? Only dark hosiery from now on and no exposed knees in public! Of course, I wasn't planning to show that much leg when I selected the shoes and hosiery for the evening. Didn't we have a blast? I'm already planning a return trip.