Friday, February 15, 2008

Sam's Back!

Years ago I had a teapot I called Sam. It was short for Sam O'Var. He was shaped like a camel. I loved him alot. Then one day his head snapped off! I was horrified. I spent the next few years looking everywhere for a replacement. I even searched eBay at least once a week for four years. And then another Sam came up for auction. And I won! Whoo hoo! Life is good again.
I had to drop one of my humanities classes - one called "the philosophy of communication." The professor wasn't all that good at communicating. How ironic. She couldn't be bothered to answer my emails. To understand the terminology bantered about in the class I had to expand my vocabulary to include bullshit jargon like role schema, double hermeneutics and Attributal Judgments regarding Interpersonal Events. As everyone who knows me knows, I eschew obfuscation. But like medical jargon, I suppose to some extent overly difficult writing is necessary since it is a steadfast way to justify paychecks for many academics and alientate them from everyone else.


Alexandra said...

I can so relate! I'm working on a Master's in Nursing. The big theme is complaints from researchers that nurses are not using the findings from research in their daily practice. Ahem... do they really think after a demanding 12-hour shift somebody's going to be reading the bull***t? Make it short and sweet and only the important info. Then we stand a chance of actually seeing research put into practice more often. Sorry, you touched a nerve here.

Nancy (nanflan) said...

The teapot is so charming! No wonder you've been seeking another one all this time. May you enjoy Sam for many years to come.

karin said...

The academic world is strange. In Sweden you supposed to get your credits based on the number of pages read. The content is not the most important thing.
Can you send me your adress!

karin said...

I have a nice teapot too!
It´s a weddingpresent for my maternal grandparents and you can see it here:
behind the jugoslavian soda bottle.
My nephew want to make tea in it when he´s here. He sais it´s so cosy.
It´doesn´t have a name though.....

Alexandra said...

I forgot to say, Sam is cool!