Saturday, December 29, 2007

Nothing much to report...

This coming month I will be starting on my master's degree in Humanities - I bought the cheapest text books at the university's bookstore and the rest on, saving about $50, even including shipping. I'm excited to finally do something I've waited over 20 years to do; I always wanted to keep going in school past my bachelor's but never had the time or money to do so until now.

I am currently working on Loes Hinse's Tuxedo jacket for the Stitch and Flip Jacket class on Pattern Review. I am almost afraid to even declare that since I have so many unfinished projects lurking around in various closets. I have some lovely blue houndstooth lightweight wool silk suiting for it and just need to hunker down and make the silly thing.
Today I rummaged around in the costume cave and found four big garbage bags full of clothes and cloth to donate...yippee! Tomorrow Jennifer and I are hitting IKEA in the morning to check out storage solutions. Sort of low-key mundane things going on this weekend, but that's okay. Here's the highlight - a budding rock star is in our midst!


KayB said...

I wish you all the best for your masters degree... and have a very happy New Year!

karin said...

Happy new year!
I´m planning to go back to school this year too. I intend to study math and sign language this fall.