Thursday, January 03, 2008

If the shoe fits...

Today is the first day I have been able to wear a pair of shoes since the middle of November when I had foot surgery. I am limited to a pair of tweed sneakers that are a little too large because nothing else fits my swollen left footsie. I was getting SO TIRED of wearing the Franken-boot and tripping over everything! I saw my foot doctor yesterday and had some xrays taken. Everything looks good according to him, but I am still freaked out by seeing the two metal screws in my metatarsal in the xrays! I actually took several pix of my foot progressing after surgery, some with bandaging, some without, but decided against grossing everyone out by posting them to this blog; I value my friends!
I had to take Gato to the vet's this morning for a check up. Gato was thoroughly unamused by the trip, and gave me an earful of hisses and yowls, but he had been losing weight and yesterday he had blood in his stool, which is quite worrisome. The vet gave him a shot of anti-imflammatory and said the problem wasn't all that uncommon, especially in cats that were under alot of stress..." mean stress like a woman in the house about to have a baby any minute?" I asked. "And a rambunctious six year old running hither and thither, poking at cats?" Yup. Poor Gato is in love with Jennifer (pictures to follow) and must be worried about the impending birth of her baby.

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