Saturday, December 01, 2007

The End of Phase One

I sent my manuscript off to the publisher's today. In the midst of a snowstorm. Just as I was printing out the final chapters, I suddenly realized I couldn't drive myself to the Fedex drop off because I had foot surgery only two weeks ago and still can't drive my Mini Cooper (it's a stick shift)!!! So Linda graciously drove me around and around an industrial park a few miles down the road looking for the Fedex building. In a snow storm. It didn't help that snow had covered all the street signs in that area. We came home and celebrated by having fondue for dinner (which Rosie thought was disgusting). I so wish I could take a bath, but because of my foot I'm not allowed a good long soak for another two weeks or so, so a hot shower will have to suffice.
Now I can have a social life for a few weeks and enjoy the holidays. First I have to clean my art space - it's a hovel right now.
A parting shot of my most favorite flower - the Lotus Maculatus


KayB said...

Oh, I didn't read your blog for a long while now. Congrats on finishing your micro-macrame book and I hope that your foot will heal soon. So if that's phase one, what entails phase two? Your book will be printed, won't it?..... and what about the other on? Is it still in the making? Anyway, hope you'll get better soon!

karin said...

One is already sold!!!
Hi Karina, nice to see that you are alive and well.
I actually bought a set of pearls to try micro macrame on...