Sunday, December 02, 2007

Oh Suzani, Oh Don't You Cry for Me...

I found another suzani I had to have...I'm waiting for it to be shipped to me from Uzbekistan...Last time I got something from Uzbekistan my postman, who is from the Ukraine, looked at the package when he delivered it to me and wanted me to open it right away so he could see what it was.

Today has been a lazy Sunday for me. It snowed, then it rained, then snowed, then the rain won the fight for good. I hate it when the weather is on that cusp between the snow and rain; a few degrees on either side of the freezing point determines which will happen, I suppose. Hate that. Harumph!
Rosie came downstairs for while this morning, got out her camera and took a picture or two of Jynx, who is a total photo hog.

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Anonymous said...

I´m a suzani lover too - but don´t know where to buy it, I live in Denmark. You are writing that you order it from Uzbekistan. Nut where?
I hope you can help me