Friday, March 09, 2007

Margaret Layton's Jacket

Well, I have been the world's laziest bum recently, letting project after project pile up. Here is the inspiration for my Jacobean Jacket, which I have cut out and finished the edges of, but haven't sewn together.

Margaret Layton's jacket is in the V&A in London and I had the good fortune to see it not once but twice last year on my two visits to the UK. I had little interest in the Jacobean era before, but was totally mesmerized by the floral embroidery...instant conversion!

Here are a few pieces of my jacket - as you can see it has princess seams which are not in any way period, but since Margaret Layton was about a size 4 or 6 and I am a size 22, it works out good for me! Additionally, I haven't the patience to embroidery much of anything these days, but I found a piece of Jacobean-esque tapestry material at the Goodwill recently and yelled "Dibs!" on the spot.


KayBee said...

What a lovely eye candy this jacket is, looking forward to see it coming together.

Tini said...

uuuiii, can't wait to see the jacket coming together too :) I remember looking at the models at the V & A with you!

Joana Modinhas said...

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