Sunday, March 11, 2007

Daylight Savings Time

Here's a sign of our times found yesterday at the Goodwill - a stylish clock put out by the pharmaceutical conglomeration responsible for Levitra. It must have been tossed out by a doctor's office. Perhaps it clashed with the Cialis calendar or the Viagra teddy bear in the reception area. My question is - shouldn't it be a 36 hour clock? Isn't that stuff supposed to keep a man capable for a day and a half should his intentions be postponed by unwitting in-laws or neighbors keeping him apart from connubial bliss? At first I was attracted by the unique style of the clock, then it hit me that it was a marketing ploy for an Erectile Dysfunction drug. I am undecided whether I should pop it open and replace the clock face, or just leave it the way it is and celebrate the wonders of better living through chemistry...

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