Friday, May 05, 2006

MCD - symptom of or solution to stress?

Driving in to work this morning, I came to the conclusion I have Multiple Creativity Disorder, which is somewhat akin to Multiple Personality Disorder, in that I have a slew of different arts that I switch back and forth from: Sewing, Calligraphy, Watercolor, Marbling, Knitting, Macrame, Jewelry Making, and Writing.


Tini said...

I thought I just say Hello and welcome to the world of bloggers :)

To prevent SPAM I would include the "wordcheck" in your options, so that everybody, who wants to leave a comment has to type down some letters ( do you understand what I mean? )

Gigi said...

MCD? What a hoot! Now I can tell DH that I have a real disease and he can stop teasing me about it. :-)

Els said...

Hi Annika, I am looking forward to read your blog. MCD patented by you, and shared with a lot of others around the world.

Gilraen Surion said...

Hi Annika,
Completely agree with this new diorder. I tink I have a the same thugh I am not showing symptoms yet.