Saturday, May 20, 2006

I am the Eggman, We are the Eggmen...I am the Walrus

I often come across many designer patterns whilst rummaging through second hand stores and was instantly enamored of this pattern cover of a Vogue Couturier Design by Fabiani. The dress looks delightful enough, but the hat gives new meaning to the term egghead. What was Fabby thinking? Or was he? The model looks a trifle confused by it all. I turned the pattern over to find the following comments:
ALBERTO FABIANI (Fah-bee-ahny) - Italy's master tailor, creates wonderfully
flattering suits, distinguished coats and exquisite evening gowns...can
claim many fashion firsts.
Well no wonder! It's a fashion first! It's also a fashion last. My brain is starting to hurt! Maybe I need a big brain wave neutralizer helmet! Say....didn't I see one on a Fabiani pattern somewhere? Hmmmm....


Gigi said...

I love patterns from this era, particularly the Vogue designer patterns. I've noticed odd hats on many of them. Were milliners simply running out of ideas?

Tini said...

what a cool pattern :)
I mean the dress, NOT the hat....
that is soooo hilarious.... you should send it to