Wednesday, May 20, 2009

PR Weekend in Portland

I am still recovering. Met and got reacquainted with so many talented wonderful ladies that I am still twirly-minded. Deepika and I had the great good luck to have lunch with Pati Palmer of Palmer/Pletsch fame on Friday and she was most gracious and kind. She gave a most instructive lecture on blouse fitting problems, tailored jackets and fitting pants (trousers to youse cats in Europa). I kept mumbling "Aha! That's the exact point I should have done what she's showing instead of what I actually did!" Pati has revived my fitting courage and I am going to attempt a jacket before too long. I wanted to sign up for some of her classes this summer but it appears they are already sold out and I won't be able to attend her November classes because I'll be in Paris with the European PR Weekend crowd.
Anyway, here's one photo Diane E took of Roseana and yours truly.


Tini said...

Lucky you, that you are living close to Portland. Please let us participate in your fitting adventure via blog o.k.?

Sigrid said...

Little envious of the great time you all had in Portland. But hope to see you in November in Paris.