Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Amazon Ratings

Today I popped on to Amazon to check the rating of my book just for fun and found that I was right behind Kenneth King! The Kenneth King! Yeah, baby!
Ratings fluctuate by the hour; luckily I've been holding fairly steady in the 8,000 to 10,000 range for the past few days.

I hate to be a pest, but if any of my friends who haven't posted reviews of my "Opus-in-Ink" could do so on Amazon, I'd be very very grateful. The publishers at St. Martin's would also be grateful. In fact, the entire Universe at large would be grateful. The only person I can think of who probably couldn't be bothered to be grateful would be Rob MacGregor, my theatre pal who now resides in Istanbul (for reasons perhaps unmentionable)...


Els said...

Annika, I am sorry that I can not review your gorgeous book on amazon , because I do not have an account there. All my books from amazon are being bought by my brother who is a long time customer.
Hope others can review your beautiful book. The book deserves a high ranking.
Thanks again.
Hugs Els

Tini said...

As soon as I can get my hands on a copy I'm going to write a review!

KayB said...

... me too!.... me too!.... (on my way to get it... thanks for reminding, completely forgot....)

karin said...

I have had the book for two weeks and today I read the dedications!!!
Thank you and I´m honored!