Friday, May 25, 2007

Suzanis and Molas - Textile Heaven to Me

I have recently acquired a charming little mola of a toothy cat - everytime I look at him I have to laugh, he's so silly with that curly tail! Molas are bits and pieces of Panamanian and Guatemalan applique'd embroidery; they're very colorful and usually have many many tiny stitches sewing the layers together. The subjects of modern molas can be just about anything the artists have been thinking of - two pears, abstract birds, lightning bolts, a comment on Mickey Mouse, etc. This little guy measures 9 inches by 10 inches.
I also have a passion for Uzbek suzanis - suzanis are large silk embroideries usually done in panels that are then sewn back together. This one is from Bukara, a city which has long fascinated me, and measures 85 inches by 60 inches. Many suzani are red flowers of different types sewn on a background of cream or white. Pomegranates figure prominently as do rosettes, carnations and various other flowers from that part of the world.


dawn said...

You mean all those red flowers are embroidered by hand? Wow, interesting. I've never seen those. I have seen've got a cute one there.

Tini said...

Both pieces, as different as they are, are great pieces of art and craftsmenship! Great purchases! I bet that little kitty makes you smile!