Saturday, May 19, 2007


I know I've ignored the blog for a week or two. I've been busy attending memorials for the relatives of friends of mine. Four friends have lost members of their families within the last month: Jen lost her mom, JoAnn lost her dad, Linda L lost her mother-in-law and Linda S lost her beloved grandmother Rose.
Today we had a memorial party for Rose at the house - it was a pleasure to honor this lovely, fiery-eyed woman by celebrating her life with her child Doddie, grandchildren Lisa, Laurie, Lois and Linda, great grandchildren Jennifer, Eli, Sabrina, Matt and Luke, and great great grandchild little Rosie!
Today was a sunny, sparkly day. The breeze kept us cool in the sunshine, and the leaves on all the trees (even the bamboo) fluttered and flickered in the bright light. The kids ran themselves crazy all over the property playing hide and seek, exploring the wilds, and laughing with eachother. The grownups congregated on the front deck and enjoyed the time spent together.
God bless you, Rose! In my mind's eye I see you smiling.

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