Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Ins and Outs of Freaky Obsessions

Lately I have become obsessed with cameos and intaglios and have acquired a few from a guy in Germany. This one is "Diana" the next in lapis is "DAEMON with lion-body holding a palm-branch and a amphora" (well, that's how he described it on the eBay listing) and the cameo is soon to be a centerpiece for a macrame neckpiece done in black cording and black swarovski crystals.


KayB said...

Oh Annika, I love the swan cameo. But I can't see a hole? Will you drill one into it, or is it hidden on the backside?

Annika said...

Hi Karina! There's no hole in the swan cameo. I'll sandwich (with glue)the knotting threads between the back of the cameo and a piece of ultrasuede. That will hold the cameo onto the knotting threads.