Monday, February 05, 2007

Vintage Patterns from 1930 for Theatre Production

I am starting to collect vintage patterns and ideas for the costumes of a theatre production of "Brecht on Brecht" which I will be directing sometime later this year. Here are a few of the patterns in my collecton that inspire me.

Some of the actual costumes will probably be found in second hand stores; some of them I'll either have to sew myself or hire an extremely talented friend of mine to sew for me, since I probably won't have the time to do that myself.

There are three women characters in the play; one is a musician, one is the wife of a rich doctor and the other is a young journalist. Most of the fabric we'll use is already in my stash; I do have to go out and find a nice piece of faux fur for a coat collar for the rich doctor's wife.


KayBee said...

Oh Annika, I'm looking forward to this!

Tini said...

Annika, these patterns are tdf!!!