Monday, February 26, 2007

Plus Size Swimsuits

You ever reach a point where you just have to admit to yourself that you are a large woman? And even if you do lose that 50-60 pounds you keep intending to lose, you're going to be large in the meantime?
Well, I ordered some plus sized swimsuits today from and lucky me, I got them on clearance! The first one is a retro 40's-ish polka dot cutie and the second is sooo waaaavy and grooovy!

By the way I was in a fender bender on Friday afternoon when I was coming home from having stitches taken out from dental surgery and I rear-ended a dark green humongous SUV, causing damage to that car's bumper and a couple of fender dents to my precious Jeep...When I got home I did feel like crawling into bed with the covers up to my nose and hiding from the world...I didn't realize I had any injuries until a couple of hours later when I was scrabbling around on the floor cutting out pieces of dupioni for the Issey Miyake Futon jacket and I felt a big lump under my right knee...I must have bruised the bone when I hit the brakes. Also have a huge purple bruise on my other thigh where I must have hit the steering wheel. Other than that, I am okay and my Jeep is okay. To quote the lady whose car I rear-ended "Thank God for big all-metal American cars!"

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KayBee said...

Ouch... for both the dental surgery and the bruising. Just one of those days. But the swimsuits are really cute!