Friday, January 26, 2007

Issey Miyake Futon Coat

I have four or five other projects I'm working on, but I'm planning on working on this Issey Miyake Futon coat next.

I've already ordered a brown and indigo dupioni silk for the body of the coat and a cornflower blue with chocolate flashes dupioni for the outer bands.

I'm going to see what I have in the stash that will match for the lining. Since I'm rather large as it is, I don't want to use a high lift batting for this coat so I found some cotton and silk very low loft batting at JoAnn's yesterday that should do nicely.


Els said...

Annika I am looking forward to see your version of the Myake Futton coat. I love the fabric colours you choose to make this coat.

Unknown said...

Wouldnyou be interested in seeling this pattern or a copy of it even? Please e-mail me if youd like at