Friday, January 19, 2007

Pictures from Cannibal!

About 5 years ago I worked on a no-budget musical called Cannibal! the Musical. It was based on a cult movie by Trey Parker and featured the only man in America ever convicted of Cannibalism- Alferd Packer. Our version of Cannibal was presented as part of the Seattle Fringe Festival in 2002; later another theatre group picked up on the idea and did their own version. We had virtually no budget for costumes; I chose to put most of the guys in Henley shirts and jeans and ratty old boots, since Henley shirts were 2 for $5.00 one week at a local second hand store.

I also had to make up some costumes for a band of Trappers; I glued and sewed all sorts of trinkets and fur all over some jeans vests and found a skunk skin cap for one trapper and a Unionist soldier's cap from the Civil War for another.

Here's the cast photo; we were too cheap to have proper pictures taken, so we all piled into one of those Photo Booths at Seattle Center and took turns...


Tini said...

I love the cast-pics :) I even found you ;) I think, your ideas for all the different plays and a no-buget are always awesome!

Vibeke said...

Me too. Funny story: one of my anthropology professors told us from his field work on New Guinea. He had an english speaking guide who helped him find some people in the montain jugle there. One night when they where three-four days march from the nearest village they where talking by their campfire at night and the professor asked his guide where he had learned such good english? The guide told him. "In jail". Oh, "but what did you stay in jail FOR?", the professor asked. "Cannibalism" the guide smartly replied. (A form of cannibalism - where you ritually eat a part of the deceased persons "soul" - usually liver - is quite common in traditional New Guinea burial rites. (Don't ask me about "manmaking" og witchtrials). Yeah: very gross - sorry.