Saturday, July 04, 2009

Lacemakers of Puget Sound

Last week I went down to Kent to attend a meeting of the Lacemakers of Puget Sound. Lacemakers of Puget Sound is a charter chapter of the International Old Lacers. Amazing work and amazing ladies! There were some ladies working on tatted pieces, but I was blown away by the intricacy of the bobbin laces being produced and how many fancy bobbins everyone owned!

Here are several yards of delicate black silk bobbin lace in creation.

Another lady was working on a two-color piece; you can see the pattern she's using on the right side of the photo.

Here is a lovely lady with a handmade lace neckpiece.


karin said...

I know how to make bobbin lace! Unfortunately I lent someone my Pillow-cuchion or whatever it´s called in english and I never got it back...I still have the pins and a lot of patterns similiar to what I can see in the photos. In Sweden there are also folk art bobbi laces made on plaid or striped cotton to produce the pattern

Mountaindreamers said...

What talented hands to make intricate lace! Thanks for stopping by my blog Annika, I am very grateful to be in one piece this morning. cheers Laura

Sigrid said...

It reminds me that I once learned the basics of how to make this lace. I still must have some bobbins somewhere. How good that this art it still practiced.

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