Thursday, December 21, 2006

Of Sorcerers and Men

I just picked up Susanna Clarke's newest book to read: The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories - I love, love, love the way she writes!

I have been listening to one of Barnes and Nobles' Portable Professor series called "Of Sorcerers and Men - Tolkein and the Roots of Modern Fantasy Literature" by a professor named Michael Drout and I am thoroughly enjoying the entire 7 CD disk series. I love listening to Audio CDs while I'm working or crafting or sewing or whatever. I also like his distinction between Magical Realism and Modern Fantasy - all this time I was struggling to write a fantasy novel, when really, my writings fall closer to the Magical Realism genre.

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and words about Caspian - I miss him greatly, but every day gets a little easier for me. Today I'm supposed to go pick up his ashes (I had him cremated), but don't know if I've the heart to do so quite yet.

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Anonymous said...

these need to go on my wish list :)
thanks for the inspiring book and audio book suggestions :)