Saturday, December 09, 2006

Caspian - the new Peg Leg Pete

Caspian's surgery has been set for Monday. It looks like the tumors are too big to debulk, so he will have to have his leg taken off. I have been at loggerheads with myself over this for months - I know that cats do quite well on three legs, but I was so very unsettled about his having to go through such an ordeal. At least we were able to preserve it for 10 months after diagnosis, and I do believe we tried to do everything humanly possible to save that leg.
He had stopped eating a few days ago, probably due to the pain of the tumors, and the vet was happy to give him an anti-inflammatory that helped to alleviate his misery. His appetite has returned and he is still hobbling around and following me for walks out in the cold weather. He is such a beloved little man in a fur suit!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Annika,

I'll be thinking of you and Caspian tomorrow. Hope things go well for him.