Friday, March 09, 2012

Lacey Lace and some Groovy Patterns

I've recently taken classes in advanced machine knitting and was thrilled, thrilled I tell you, to learn how to use my trusty old Toyota 901 to make lace patterns. OMG. OMG. O.M.G.

I then tried to knit up some rather scratchy hand spun lavender-colored yarn JoAnn had in her stash, but to no avail. The yarn was too unevenly spun and plied and my machine simply DID NOT APPRECIATE IT and immediately began dropping stitches left and right as if to say "Oh, did I do that? Sorry!"

Alas. in consolation I hit a local Value Village and found these groovy groovy patterns.

Now tell me, is this far-out hot pink paisley barkcloth not perfect for the frock in the background of Simplicity 7673?


Karin said...

I learned today how my brother does lace and did some testknitting. Everybody thought it was so timeconsuming pulling the lace carriage 8 times and then knit two rows. I saw endless opportunities and spending hours doing this by hand to get wider pattern repeats.
I was at a meeting with my machineknittinggroup

Annika said...

I agree, it is time consuming to have to pass the lace carriage back and forth so many timesjust to advance two rows, but whatever! It is soooo much faster than me trying to knit lace by hand that I am okay with it. I am having fun experimenting with different lace punch cards and I am going to start creating some of my own.