Sunday, October 03, 2010

College Life

Sorry for the bloggery hiatus. I think perhaps I've been recovering from the shell shock of moving cross country in the sweltering heat of early August to find a place to live close to campus and lately, settling into college life. Whew! What a transition! But a much needed one. I can't say I've fallen in love with Long Island yet, but I am adjusting to the rhythm of life meted out in semesters and the weekly workload expected of a first year grad student of dramaturgy.
After a summer of inactivity creative-wise, I've also managed to work on a few smallish projects this past month. I FINALLY finished the Sami bracelet kit Karin sent me from Sweden:

I had a cold last weekend and worked on a cross-stitch pattern of a medievallish gryphon I found on an Italian embroidery site - I'll post a picture of it later.


KayB said...

Woohoo.... college life is great, isn't it. :-) Nice to hear from you again. Hope the course finds your expectation and you enjoy it. I myself started my postgrad a couple of weeks ago, so I know well how you're feeling. Nice bracelet, by the way, really like it. I actually might give Karin a 'nudge'.

Tini said...

The bracelett is really nice :) Good to hear from you. Life sometimes gets in the way of blogging (ask me how I know. The twins spend the night with the grandparents. So exciting, a night off for Heiko and me :) ) I'm playing catch-up ;)