Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm Thrilled!

My book just received a lovely review from Crafty Pod!


SisterDG said...

Hi, Annika - congratulations on a wonderful book! I love your designs, and you did an amazing job on the instructional elements. Seems from the comments on my post that lots of others agree!

Els said...

Congrats on such a fantastic book review. You deserve it.

Annika said...

SisterDG - thank you very very much! I saw from your profile that you too are from the Great Northwest - lovely super-dreary weather we're having, yes? I adore that you list "spinsterhood" as one of your interests - - me too! My eBay store is called "The Giddy Spinsters" - I'm just getting around to listing a bunch of old Folkwear patterns on it this week.