Friday, August 22, 2008

Official Blackberry Report from Snohomish

Here is your official backyard blackberry picking report for the week of August 18th:

Nope, not quite there. Still need about a week of ripening before these babies are ready to pluck. Time to dust off your recipes for blackberry conserves, pies, cordials and liqueurs.

I still think we're looking at a half-n-half scenario here. I'm going to lighten the load and pick the ripe ones tomorrow morning.


Tini said...

o.k. here comes tinis blackberry vodka delight ;)

500g blackberries (or more doesn't matter if you have MORE....)
1 bottle of gooood vodka
500gr kandis sugar (you know these neary see-thru clumps you put in tea?)
1 vanilla thingy (these black things...)

mix the blackberries, the sugar, the sliced open vanilla bean and the vodka in a tupperwarebox, that closes thightly. Put into a warm spot without direct light for 6 weeks and stirr from time to time.
Filter well (coffee filter!)


KayB said...

Hmmmm....blackberries! We had an atrocious summer here in Ireland, too much rain, and so it takes a little while longer until I can get my hands fully on them.

BTW, thanks Tini for the recipe!

karin said...

I picked some blackberries yesterday. Yommy but not enought for making Tini´s recepie.

karin said...

I like blackberry jam and cream cheese on scones