Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Special Award for Best Use for a Pottery Barn Curtain Panel

I've been working on a costume for the upcoming FaerieWorlds weekend in Eugene. I found a devore velvet curtain panel at Goodwill and splashed some ColorHue dyes on it to create an outer vest for my costume.I'm using two OOP patterns for this: the shirt from the re-enactors' costume and the long vest from the work ensemble:

The shirt is finished. I used a rather slippery georgette and some Chinese frogs for clasps:


KayB said...

Hui... the devore came out beautifully and the shirt is quite cool, too!

Tini said...

oooohhh exciting!!!
Love the colours of the shirt (of course...)

Charity said...

That is a gorgeous piece of fabric! I grew up in Eugene. It's the perfect place for a fantasy event. :)