Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Ovens of Hell

It was 101 degrees Fahrenheit here today. That translates to 38.3333 degrees C.


Over the weekend I finally finished both the Athena blouse and the Hong Kong vest. I had given JoAnn the spring green Knipmode skirt I made a bazillion years ago, but she pointed out that it matched the Athena blouse perfectly so I should take it back! So I did! Ha! I had delayed finishing the Athena blouse because I don't have a proper way of making buttonholes with my blessed Singer Featherweight- so we got together last Saturday and she showed me how to make buttonholes with an old machine of hers. After viewing the photo I realized I don't like how the front hem came out - it shifts up too much, so I'm going to reposition it a little bit lowerThe fabric is a sort of barkcloth-raw silk-like mix I picked up at JoAnn Fabrics a few years back. It frays like crazy and resists ironing a smidge, but I love the colors.
The Hong Kong vest was a prezzie for JoAnn, what with her wild hair-do and all. It was made with a lovely asian-esque rayon fabric snagged at a Goodwill for $5.00.


Knotgypsy said...

Oh, I love that Hong Kong Vest! Goes perfectly with the hair!

Tini said...

that ensemble looks really great on you and how do you always score so many great things at good will/thrift stores?

Maria said...

Oh, Annika - I wish you could send just a tini little bit of that heat over here!