Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Moonbeams and Zig Zags

I've been busy micro-macrame-ing this past week and have come up with a bracelet I call "Moonbeam"

Here's a start on an old standby of mine called "ZigZag" - I love the triangular beads with their subtle rainbow scaling.

And here is a prototype I call "Loopy" that isn't quite working for me yet...


Tany said...

Lovely! I can guess their real size comparing them to the pin head! Gorgeous precision work!

KnotGypsy said...

I like your color choices, especially the colors in "Zig Zag". By the way, thank you for the birthday salutations. I added resource info on the size 10 seed beads to that comment and to my next post. They are hard to find!

I have a similar design to your "Loopy". I found it worked better with at least some size 6 seed beads or larger on the holding cords. I call mine "Waves". Keep up the good work.